The 11 Best Sales Prospecting Software (Free and Premium) in 2019

The 11 Best Sales Prospecting Software (Free and Premium) in 2019

Picture this – a sales team with a pipeline full of high-quality prospects, each one rich with relevant data, and plenty of time to focus on selling.


Pretty ideal, right? Unfortunately, the reality of sales is that there’s a long list of other tasks that eat up valuable time that should be spent selling.


Luckily, there are a huge number of tools out there that can help streamline or even eliminate many of those other tasks. We’ve compiled a list of the 11 best ones to help your team free up time to do what they do best.


The 11 Best Sales Prospecting Software (Free and Premium) in 2019


We’ve arranged this list into two sections – the first six tools are free, and the last five are premium.


1 – Quora

quora logo


Pricing: Free

Quora is a fantastic platform for sales prospecting. People turn to Quora to ask every kind of question, and with a little digging you can unearth a wealth of people asking the exact questions that your products solve.


These are the best kind of prospects – ones you know are looking for exactly what you have to offer. You can answer their questions directly on Quora and link them to your offering. You can also reach out the them directly, and check their public bio or linked social media accounts for contact information.


Quora has fairly strict moderation, which means that the questions and answers on their platform are generally higher quality then unmoderated answer platforms. It’s a goldmine for savvy prospectors.



2 – Product Hunt

product hunt logo


Pricing: Free

Product Hunt is an ever-evolving database of new products and businesses. You can browse everything using keywords and filters, as well as themed “Collections” that group things together by topic such as “$0 Design Tools” and “Maker Tools for Everyone”.


It also has an “Ask” platform that functions similarly to Quora, where users can post questions and get answers from the community.



3 – AngelList

angelList logo


Pricing: Free

The concept behind AngelList is a platform that enables angel investors and startups to connect and learn more about each other. It does a great job of that, too.


For sales prospecting, though, it’s a useful resource to find companies that might be ideal prospects. You can search and filter by, for example, organization type, what stage of funding they’re at, and how many employees the company has.


It’s a great way to discover businesses that fit your target audience and might be interested in your solutions.



4 – Capterra

capterra logo


Pricing: Free

Capterra is an immense database of digital products and businesses. It’s a great inbound lead generation channel in general, if you have enough solid reviews and ratings, but it’s also a valuable prospecting tool.


Much like AngelList, you can filter through their listings by topics and categories, and find companies that match up with your target audience.



5 – Clutch


Pricing: Free

Following the same concept as AngelList and Capterra, you can use Clutch for sales prospecting by searching for potential companies to reach out to.


The difference is that Clutch is specialized in digital agencies. If that’s your target niche, Clutch is a top-notch tool for you. Agencies are broadly categorized, but you can drill down for more detail.


For example, you can look at “Advertising & Marketing” as a category. You can then look at advertising agencies, and further narrow down by location or industry vertical. It’s easy to find a list of advertising agencies specializing in real estate, or mobile app marketing agencies in New York.



6 – Doodle


Pricing: Free, with premium plans starting at $43/year

While not actually a prospecting tool itself, Doodle is an unusual scheduling tool that flips the typical process around. Most scheduling tools let the organizer input their times, and then the prospect picks from them.


Using Doodle, your prospect can select what times work best for them, and then it’s up to the organizer to select the best option for them.


The premium plans open up additional features, such as the ability to add in your own branding and create custom polls, and set automated reminders and notifications.



7 – Clickback WEB

Pricing: Free 14-day trial, paid plans start at $99/month

Clickback WEB transforms your entire website into a powerful sales prospecting tool. It identifies companies that visit your website, even if they don’t convert, and gives you accurate contact information for prospects at those companies in real time.


It lets you rank visiting companies based on attributes such as their industry, and their behavior on your site such as which pages they visited and for how long. You can also set a notification for when a key company returns to your site.


The prospects you get are warm and high-quality, with plenty of rich company data attached. It’s an easy way to keep your pipeline full.


It also offers immense ROI. For most clients, if just one prospect identified by Clickback WEB makes a purchase, the software pays for itself. Start a free 14-day trial and top up your pipeline with prospects.


As an added bonus, it integrates with Clickback MAIL to make reaching out to those new leads a breeze.



8 – Close


Pricing: Free 14-day trial, paid plans start at $59/month

Close (previously is a slick CRM platform. The real benefit for sales teams, though, is its suite of powerful cold calling tools.


Its “Power Dialer” calls through lead lists automatically, meaning reps don’t have to constantly click through to the next contact and can keep working smoothly. If you need to update any lead data before the next call, it pauses and lets you do so before moving on to calling the next lead.


It also features a “Predictive Dialer”, which is call automation software that lets a sales team dial multiple numbers at once, detects when a real human answers the phone, and instantly routes an available sales rep to the call.


If your sales team uses cold calls, it’s an effective efficiency boost.



9 –


Pricing: Free trial, paid plans start at $69/month

If you use Zoho or Salesforce, is a good alternative to Close. It’s an integration, meaning you don’t need to leave Salesforce to use it.


It automatically tracks and logs all calls within Salesforce in real-time, and gives reps the ability to build lists using existing data and filters in Salesforce. It offers a range of cold-calling features.


There’s also a free trial, in the form of a Chrome extension.



10 – BuiltWith

builtwith logo


Pricing: Free, paid plans starting at $295/month

BuiltWith has the heftiest price tag on this list. It also has a lot to offer a savvy sales team. It’s a tool that is used to find businesses that are using specific software solutions or pieces of technology on their website.


It’s great for finding competitors in your arena. It’s also very useful for finding prospects. For example, companies that make integrations, plugins, or add-ons for other software products can use BuiltWith to find businesses that use those products.



11 – VoilaNorbert

voila norbert logo


Pricing: Free up to 50 emails, paid plans starting at $49/month

Certainly the most quirky name on this list, VoilaNorbert is an extremely useful tool for finding an email address for a specific prospect.


It’s a simple concept – you input the name and company of the person you’re looking for. VoilaNorbert gives you their email address.


It ties in well with other tools on this list. If you’ve found the name and company of a great prospect, but not their email, this is your solution.




There are a great deal of other sales prospecting tools out there, but these are especially useful ones. Using a combination of these tools, sales teams can skyrocket their efficiency and productivity, and keep the pipeline packed with excellent prospects.


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