Reach Warm Prospects First with Website Visitor Tracking Software

Reach Warm Prospects First with Website Visitor Tracking Software

If you want to close more sales, you need to have an edge over your competitors. A simple way you can give yourself a clear advantage over your competition is to find prospects before they do.


Studies show that the first vendor to reach a prospect has a much better chance of closing the sale over the competitors that follow afterward.


For example, a study by InsideSales concluded that 50% of sales opportunities go to the first salesperson to contact a prospect.


B2B Sales Ideas: Get to Your Prospects First


Don’t make the mistake of chasing prospects who are already deep into their decision-making process with another company. The odds are already stacked against you because you’ll have to convince the contact that you can offer everything your competitor offers, and much more.


Instead, go for the lowest hanging fruit. Focus on prospects who have shown interest in your service, and reach out to them while they are in the early buying stages of the sales cycle.


Quickly Identify Your Warmest Prospects


If you know who your target buyer persona is, it’s time to double down on it. This means isolating the key companies that visit your website that align with your existing, happy customers. Clickback WEB allows you to set notifications when a particular company profile visits (or returns to) your website.


Not only will you know that your business is likely a good fit for these prospects, but you can also leverage powerful testimonials and case studies that your prospect can quickly relate to.


You should immediately pursue similar companies that fit this profile as they are often the warmest leads. By reaching out to them before your competitors do, you have the advantage of opening their eyes to your business services without the challenge of meeting previous expectations and hesitations.


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Isolate Their Sales-Cycle Stage


Sales intelligence tools like Clickback WEB reveal industry changes and activity. For example, you may notice increased interest for your services during Q4. This could be a signal that your solutions are an easier sell when a company’s annual budget has reached this stage.


Signals include more visits and time spent on your pricing and client testimonial pages. These trigger events paint a better picture of the current stage your prospects are sitting in the buying cycle. Pay attention to trends to gain useful information for your marketing team, and know exactly which prospects are hot.


Follow the click paths of each website visitor to see which pages they’ve been on, and how long they stayed there. This tracking data allows you to make smarter marketing decisions and create powerful sales connections.


The Early Bird Gets the Worm


No matter which signals you observe using Clickback WEB, you’ll have much more insight into the sales-cycle stage of your prospects. This information can help you get to prospects first, and isolates the ones who are ready to talk to sales now.


Clickback WEB is different from traditional analytics tools because it uses professionally vetted and accurate data, not Google Analytics. This means that your sales team will uncover more opportunities to reach out to prospects before your competitors do.


A savvy salesperson takes every B2B sales lead advantage possible. If you’re looking for B2B sales ideas, give website visitor tracking a try.


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