The Most Impactful Modern Marketing Strategies for 2021

The Most Impactful Modern Marketing Strategies for 2021

Our level of technological advancement increases at an exponential rate. We each carry a computer more powerful than anything available just a few years ago in our pockets, and we take it for granted.


In this digital age, the world of marketing is reliant on technology, and if you don’t constantly evolve your marketing strategy, you’ll find yourself quickly left in the dust.


In 2021, that’s going to be even more true than ever before. Here are the B2B marketing strategies you want to be on top of going into the new year.


The Most Impactful Modern Marketing Strategies for 2021


1 – Email

Some things stay the same, and email is one of them. It’s been a mainstay of digital marketing forever, and is still the most-used channel.


There’s a reason for that: it works.


Email marketing comes in a few different flavors. Inbound nurturing is probably the most common – once someone opts in, regular touchpoints can draw them further down the funnel towards a purchase.


It can take the form of a blog subscription, a conversion on gated content, even an opt-in to receive newsletters, deals, or product updates.


The other side of the coin is outbound email. Many marketers shy away from the term, thinking it’s synonymous with “spam”. That’s a misconception, though, and their marketing strategies are suffering for it.


A properly executed email lead generation campaign is a good example of how to use outbound email successfully.


Don’t think of it as separate from your inbound marketing. In the modern digital marketing world, outbound email is best used as a way to generate leads for your inbound funnel.


That’s the basic concept of email lead generation, and it’s a B2B marketing strategy that will serve you very well in 2021.


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2 – SEO

We’ve had a whole lot of upheaval on the SEO front this year. Major Google algorithm updates caused SEOs to scramble to find new strategies, and try to determine the scope and impact of each of these updates.


That’s not new – Google loves to tweak their algorithm all the time to keep us guessing, and to nip black-hat SEO tactics in the bud.


The only SEO tactic that stays effective is this: write valuable content. All the technical optimizations like alt tags, headers and so on are more or less secondary to how people engage with your content.


If you write an article that people love, share, link back to and engage with, that’s what Google likes to see.


We can expect that trend to continue in 2021 – both the regular algorithm updates and the focus on valuable content over optimization tricks.


3 – Blogging

Most businesses have a blog. It’s a central strategy for inbound marketing, and that ties into the SEO point we made earlier, too.


At the risk of sounding repetitive, the most important aspect of B2B blogging is to write valuable, easy-to-consume content that resonates with your target audience.


Sounds simple, but it can be tough sometimes. Not every post will knock it out of the park, so to speak, but you can give yourself a better shot.


When deciding what your next post should be about, consider who it’s aimed at. Who do you want to attract to your site with this post?


Once you have that, consider a question or problem they might have that you could answer. There’s your blog idea.


Don’t jump into writing just yet though. Once you have an idea for the post, you need to find a keyword to focus on.


Obviously, it needs to be related to the topic at hand. Ideally, it’s also not one that has a first SERP dominated by heavy-hitters in your industry, so you can stand a chance at getting a top-ten spot.


To that end, it’s usually easier to go after longer-tail keywords. For one thing, they’re less likely to be totally owned by huge names you’ll have trouble displacing.


For another, longer-tail keywords are more focused, so although there’ll be less overall traffic, that traffic will be more specifically looking for what you’re writing about.


Blogging can be time-consuming if you want to steadily churn out quality content, but that’s exactly what you want to do. It’s a long-term strategy that will continue to be key for B2B in 2021.


4 – Social Media

This one can be split into two smaller topics: posting and advertising.


Posting on social media is a great way to build brand awareness and engagement, and it’s free, so why not?


You need to have something interesting to say, though. Posting just for the sake of posting when you have no followers and get no engagement is wasted effort.


It can be a really great way to show off your awesome company culture or sense of humor. There are quite a few companies out there that are known for having really entertaining social profiles, like the Wendy’s Twitter account.


On the other hand, advertising on social media can be extremely effective for B2B lead generation. Your target audience most likely spends quite a bit of time scrolling through Facebook or Instagram in their off time, regardless of who they are.


The world lives on the internet these days, and social media is only going to get even more impactful, so if you’re not already pursuing a strong social media presence, 2021 is the year to do it.


5 – Video Marketing

Video material is extremely versatile and impactful. It can be anything, from a video blog post to an animated social media ad, or a regular webinar.


Regardless of what you use it for, video is powerful. It can also be an intimidating thing to try and launch.


Getting AAA quality on a budget is difficult. If you really want a top-notch, polished advertisement, you probably won’t be able to do it in-house. Which means a lot of spend.


On the other hand, setting up a camera and recording two of your experts discussing a relevant topic is very easy to do, and a lot less cost-intensive.


You don’t need much equipment to get started, either. At a pinch, a smartphone and a tripod will do, though it’s worth investing in a basic camera with a good microphone if you’re going to pursue video fully.


If you want to get more advanced with it, you can purchase a green screen backdrop, which opens up a whole world of possibilities to make your videos even more engaging and interesting.


6 – Google Ads

The Google Ads platform is a very reliable way to generate leads, although it’s become more competitive in 2020 as more businesses shifted to focusing on digital marketing.


It’s also a very easy way to burn large amounts of your budget with alacrity, if you aren’t careful. Make sure you set your budget limits properly, and make use of Google’s keyword research tools to get a feel for how competitive and expensive your target keywords are, before you activate your campaigns.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your PPC campaigns in 2021, check out our guide on decreasing cost per lead. It covers all sorts of channels, and has a particularly effective strategy for Google Ads that you might want to try.


On average, companies get a $2 return for every $1 invested in Google Ads, so it’s certainly worth pursuing in 2021.



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