Modern B2B Demand Generation Tactics: How-To

Modern B2B Demand Generation Tactics: How-To

If you want your products to sell, that means there needs to be demand for them. That’s at the core of what we, as marketers, do – we generate demand.


It’s too easy to fall into the trap of thinking “well, I know my product is amazing, so of course everyone is going to want it.” As great as that would be, it’s not how things work in practice.


For B2B, demand generation tactics are a bit more involved than just having an excellent product on offer.


Modern B2B Demand Generation Tactics: How-To


Getting Your Targeting Right

It’s not just about making people want your product – it’s about making the right people want your product. When you get your targeting spot-on, you’ll rapidly see a boost in your results.


Building a clear idea of your ideal customer is great; having a realistic one is even better. That’s what gets the really great results, after all – working around who’s actually buying your products.


There’s an iconic example of this in the B2C space: Old Spice. At one point, the brand was getting trounced by newer, more trendy competition. After some research, they realized that although their product was designed for and aimed at men, over 60% of people purchasing it were actually women (presumably shopping on behalf of their spouse).


One major targeting pivot later, their brand was successful again – and their marketing has become legendary.


It’s just one example of how there might be discrepancy between who you think your marketing should be aimed at, and who’s really making purchases. Identifying that can make the difference between success and failure.


Talk to your sales department and do some analysis on who your customers are, find patterns and look for new audiences. You might be surprised at how useful those insights can be.


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Today’s Challenges

You’ll sometimes hear people use the phrase “the product sells itself,” and that’s actually true – but not in the way they mean it.


That turn of phrase usually means that the product is so good, you don’t need to do anything to sell it – it’ll fly off the shelves, so to speak, without effort.


In reality, though, your product and the information you provide around it does a large chunk of the selling. That’s because today’s buyers spend a lot of time informing themselves in great detail about their options before they ever contact a vendor.


That means that your demand generation happens a lot more passively than it did in the past. Buyers need to generate their own demand for your product.


A big part of that is building trust with your buyers and giving them a positive experience from the moment they first discover you.


Modern B2B Demand Generation Tactics

It’s no longer as simple as showing off a cool product. Demand generation is wrapped up in the entire buyer’s journey, and as we mentioned, a lot of that happens before you hear from a lead.


Your website is your most important tool for generating demand. It’s where people will go to inform themselves about your offer, and where they’ll make the decision to reach out to your sales team.


Understanding how people interact with your site and removing as much friction as possible will go a long way. That’s where conversion rate optimization (CRO) comes in extremely handy. There are many tools and strategies you can use to make it as easy as possible for website visitors to take the next step on their journey.


Content marketing is the bread and butter of today’s B2B demand generation. Valuable, well-written content does a few things for you at once.


It draws in more traffic to your website, establishes your position as an authority and expert in your field, and provides potential customers with information they can use to inform themselves about your company and product.


Some types of content are especially effective at generating demand. For example, case studies can showcase real-world examples of your product or service successfully delivering top-notch results. This can be massively convincing, especially if the potential buyer’s company is similar to the one in the case study.


Content marketing is all about understanding your audience’s pain points and helping them alleviate them. Read our article on B2B content marketing strategies for more detailed tactics.


If you aren’t using social media marketing, you should be. Your buyers certainly are, and you have a couple ways to reach them on their social platform of choice. The first is typical social networking – in other words, make great posts and interact with your audience in a genuine manner.


The second is advertising. The classic demand generation tactic, getting your brand and product out there still works every bit as well as it always has.


Social media strategy is all about building a rapport with your audience, and increasing your credibility as a thought leader in your industry. When you have a reputation as an expert, your demand grows.


Nurturing is Demand Gen, Too

When a lead opts in and enters your funnel, that’s not the end of your demand gen. It’s your chance to turn their top-of-funnel interest into an acknowledged need for your product.


Continue to engage with them and nurture them closer, and strive to learn their individual pain points. That way, you can tailor your nurturing process to address exactly those issues.


By doing this, you can increase your lead’s perceived need for your product, because it genuinely addresses problems that they have, and they’re now aware of that.


Proactively Generate Demand with Email

So far, we’ve talked about generating demand using inbound marketing techniques. It works, but it can be a slow burn.


You can proactively generate demand for your product or service using Clickback’s email lead generation software. The basic idea is that you send cold B2B email marketing campaigns to a large volume of targeted contacts with the goal of pushing more leads into the top of your funnel.


It’s an extremely effective tactic to dramatically scale up the demand for your offerings. We’ll show you just how it works – book your 1:1 live software demo today.


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