7 Tips for Your B2B Christmas Marketing Campaigns

7 Tips for Your B2B Christmas Marketing Campaigns

Ah, December. In a vault somewhere, someone is thawing out Michael Bublé for his annual Christmas performances. Mariah Carey will rake in almost $500,000 in royalties from “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Old men with big white beards prepare for some supplemental income from their Mall Santa gigs.


‘Tis the season of huge B2C sales spikes. But what about B2B? Most professionals are on vacation, and nobody’s really thinking about making a B2B purchase, right?


Wrong! Christmas can be a big opportunity for B2B as well. Sure, you’ll never keep up with the B2C surge during the holiday season, but there’s plenty of room for B2B wins as well.


7 Tips for Your B2B Christmas Marketing Campaigns


The first thing to remember is that although Christmas is a B2C wonderland, it’s also the end of the year – and that means businesses are busy planning out their roadmap and strategies for the new year.


In other words, it’s a great time to introduce them to your awesome product or service and get them to add it to their plan.


1 – Give Gifts (and Donations)

The Christmas-themed video approach isn’t just for B2C. You can do a whole lot to boost brand awareness and reputation during the holiday season.


It’s the season for giving – so give. Pick a charity and donate! Especially around Christmas, there are plenty of charities that collect donations of food, or toys for families that can’t afford them.


Share why you chose that charity, what your company donated, and other information. Not only are you raising awareness of your brand, you’re donating to a good cause and boosting awareness of that cause as well!


It’s not a tactic for generating leads, but it’s still very worth doing.


Another way to approach this is to get your contacts involved. Send out a newsletter with a button that says, for example, “for each person who clicks this button, we’ll donate $1” or something similar. Link that CTA to a landing page about your charity donations, what cause you’re donating to, and other relevant information.


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2 – Inject Your Ads with Holiday Spirit

If you’re running social media banners, Instagram ads, Google Display campaigns or any other visual advertising, give them a festive spin for December.


Take the ads you’re running and add some Christmas-themed decoration. Give that laptop a Santa hat, Photoshop some reindeer antlers on that stock businessman.


Of course, you can create entirely new ads just for the holidays. Some clever Christmas copy and imagery can go a long way.


You can do this for your Facebook page’s banner and profile picture, too!


3 – Remember: Not Everyone Celebrates Christmas

Especially if your company does business globally, a good portion of your target audience might not celebrate Christmas at all.


That means that your customer base might not actually be taking some downtime when you think they are. Just because your country’s businesses take off for the last bit of December, that doesn’t mean your potential customers do.


If you think your target audience is still operating normally during your holiday season, it might be worth letting your ads run and scheduling campaigns to go out even while you’re out of the office.


4 – Elicit Emotional Responses

Christmas is all about wintry, cozy feelings. A hot mug of cocoa in your hands, sitting in front of a crackling Yule log beneath a mantle with stockings, a decorated Christmas tree nearby as snow flurries outside the window.


If your marketing can bring those feelings to the forefront of someone’s mind – in other words, if you can give them the warm fuzzies – you’ll have a much better shot at keeping their attention.


The problem is that this sort of visual is everywhere during the Christmas season. If you’re going to do it, you need to make it stand out.


That might be as simple as adding a screen with a Yule fire recording playing in the background of your next blog video, and adding a Santa hat and beard to whoever’s presenting it.


5 – Show How You Celebrate

Does your company have a fun culture? How did you celebrate the holiday season in the office?


Grab your phone and shoot a quick video showing it! Shots of your company party, photos of your office decorations – this is the sort of thing that makes for great social media posts.


Not only does it illustrate that you’re in the holiday spirit of things, it also puts a human face on your brand. B2B can be a stale and faceless space sometimes, so showing people that you’re human too can be very beneficial.


6 – Do a Giveaway

People love free stuff. And around Christmas, people especially love receiving free stuff.


Here’s a thought for you: your company’s social media followers are, by and large, your target audience. They’re people who are interested in what you’re offering, enough so to keep tabs on you.


If you post a giveaway that would appeal to that target audience, something like “like and share this post for a chance to win”, then they probably will do that.


And then more people in their network will see it, and if any of them are interested – say, their colleagues, people they’ve met via their own networking, and so on – they might jump in and share it too.


It’s a great way to reach and identify new prospects, built rapport with existing followers, and spread some Christmas cheer as well.


Another spin on this idea is to run a Christmas-themed competition for the prize (whether that’s a discount, an actual prize, or something else). Get people engaging with your brand a little more than just the usual like-and-share.


For example, you could get people to post a picture on social media, wearing their ugliest Christmas sweater along with a branded hashtag, or tagging your account in their post. It’s light-hearted, fun, low effort (who doesn’t have at least one ugly sweater photo every year anyway?) and drives engagement.


7 – Take Advantage of the New Year

Another thing about Christmas is that it’s also the end of the year. That means that businesses are planning out their strategies for the new year, and you want to be included in them.


Whether your using email lead generation or social media or any other channel, it’s a solid angle to play at this time of year.


Make sure you highlight the benefits that your product offers, rather than just listing features, and include a compelling reason that you should definitely be part of their upcoming tactics.

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