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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our Clickback MAIL and Clickback WEB software. Toggle through the boxes below to get answers to general questions about our company or specific questions about either of our lead generation software products.

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General questions

What does Clickback do?

We’re a cloud-based B2B lead generation software company. Our focus is simple – build cloud-based software that helps B2B companies turbo-charge their lead growth and fill their marketing and sales pipeline from day one.

What makes Clickback different?

We’ve spent over a decade refining the art of targeted email marketing for B2B lead generation. As a result, we’ve developed and refined the world’s first email lead generation software. We also launched a new product which lets you tap into the 94% of your website traffic that don’t fill out a form. But don’t just take our word for it, schedule a demo and see for yourself!

How much does Clickback’s software cost?

Depending on the software you’re using, pricing varies. For Clickback MAIL customers, pricing is based on the size of your list and the volume you send each month. If you’re using our Clickback WEB solution, pricing depends on the amount of traffic you get to your website and the number of leads you purchase each month. For more information, please visit our pricing page or call us directly at 1.866.684.4932.

If I fill out a demo form for either Clickback WEB or Clickback MAIL, will I get instant access to a free account to try your product(s)?

No. You will not receive a free trial of our software just by filling out a demo request form. Instead, someone from our team will follow up with you and provide you with a demo account that you can use to test out either of our products.

Does Clickback supply leads?

No, we provide you with the tools you need to find and capture leads.

With Clickback WEB, you will be able to turn anonymous website visitors into sales ready leads by uncovering & nurturing company leads who visit your website but don’t convert. And with Clickback MAIL, you will have the ability to drive more leads into your sales pipeline by emailing cold contacts and turning them into warm, opted-in leads.

Questions about Clickback MAIL

I currently use an Email Service Provider and/or Marketing Automation software. How does Clickback MAIL software differ?

The key difference is that your email list does not need to be opted-in to use our Clickback MAIL software. In fact, we work alongside Email Service Providers (ESP) and Marketing Automation (MA) software by helping you grow your opt-in email list, so you can send opted-in email marketing campaigns to a larger pool of leads through your ESP/MA account. This allows you to achieve your desired results more quickly while your inbound efforts gain traction. In other words, we don’t compete with your ESP/MA, we complement them!

What will my open rate/response be like using Clickback MAIL?

Unfortunately, there are too many variables involved in a Clickback MAIL campaign to accurately predict what your open or response rates will be. However, customers who follow our best practices, for email lead generation, see solid results and generate a very profitable return.

In fact, after just four campaigns, one customer used our Clickback MAIL software to close 14 new accounts, which generated an additional $60,000 in recurring monthly revenue. Here’s the case study that highlights the lead generation success of Computer Design and Integration (CDI).

What deliverability rate can I expect with Clickback MAIL software?

Unfortunately, there are too many variables involved in email deliverability for us to accurately predict your expected deliverability rate.

What it really comes down to is the size – and quality – of your email list. Email subject lines and body content also play a huge role in the deliverability of an email lead generation campaign. What we can say, however, is that customers who use our email lead generation software achieve an average deliverability rate of 70 to 80 percent.

How often should I be sending to my purchased list and do you have a creative team that can create emails for my customers?

There is no one-size-fits-all number on how often you should send to your purchased email list. It varies. For us, sending an email to our cold email list once per month is enough. But we recommend that you run your own tests with our Clickback MAIL software to determine the email-sending frequency that works best for your business.

No, we do not. However, we do have experts on hand who can provide the direction and support you need to achieve the desired results from your email lead generation efforts.

What should I consider when purchasing an email list and does Clickback sell them?

There are a lot of things you should consider before purchasing a new email list. In fact, we’ve written a blog dedicated to that subject. Read Email Lists: It’s All About the Quality to learn more!

And, no. We don’t sell email lists directly. However, we do partner with several reputable data providers who are trusted in the field. If you’d like us to connect you with one, fill out this form.

If sending to cold contacts is legal, why won’t my current Email Service Provider allow me to do it?

Unlike our email lead generation software, Clickback MAIL, your Email Service Provider (ESP) doesn’t have the capability to clean your data on import so you can send large volume email campaigns that are CAN-SPAM, CASL and GDPR compliant. Luckily, we do! Additionally, since an ESP shares domains and IPs with multiple clients, they just can’t risk sending to a “dirty” list that could land their shared domains and IPs on a blacklist. As they say…one bad apple can spoil the bunch!

How does Clickback ensure the safety and reputation of their customers’ domains and IP addresses?

We use our own internal IPs and domains, which means we assume all of the risk. This ensures that you never have to worry about getting your domain or IP blacklisted. In addition, we have sophisticated technology in place within the editor of our email lead generation software to ensure corporate domains are not exposed.

Does Clickback MAIL software work with B2C customers?

Unfortunately, no. It’s a lot more difficult to get cold emails delivered to large ISPs, such as Gmail and Yahoo, with a B2C list than it is with a B2B list. Also, recipients are much more likely to report consumer-facing emails as ‘spam.’

Why can’t I use full domains (like my website or a third-party domain) and email addresses in my email message?

The reasoning behind this is threefold:

1. If your website or third-party domains (ex: get blacklisted, it will negatively impact your deliverability and campaign results.

2. At Clickback, we do not modify, edit or rewrite our client’s email messages, so if you spell out a website ( within the body content of your message, it’s now exposed to anti-spam appliances and filters. This can cause deliverability issues and could cause the domain to get blacklisted.

3. When an email message that contains a website link or third-party domain is sent from our email lead generation software, the link or domain name gets automatically rewritten with one of our internal domains. So, now becomes This helps protect anti-spam appliances and filters from seeing your link, so you’ll never have to worry about getting your domains blacklisted. However, if you choose to spell out the domain name (ex: in the body of your message, it’s now visible for spam filters to see. This can cause serious deliverability issues and even get your domain blacklisted. To fully protect our clients, we prevent them from spelling out domain names in their emails.

Why does my list take longer to upload than with other services?

Clickback’s email lead generation software uses several hygiene and verification filters for each contact loaded into its system. That means each recipient on your list will go through 20-30 checks upon import. This allows us to flag problems such as spam traps, moles and bad or malformed email addresses, and ensure that your list contains only the highest quality contacts. It’s a lengthy process, but you can feel confident knowing that you’ll never send to spam traps or moles, so your deliverability rates will always be the best possible.

Why do I need an alternative domain as a reply address?

Any time you send bulk messages, there’s always a small risk that your domain may be reported as spam. The reply address is the only element that Clickback cannot protect for you. Using an alternative domain adds an extra level of protection.

Note: We always recommend uploading your lists at least a day before you need to send your messages. That way, there’s enough time for this process to take place without causing you unnecessary delays.

Questions about Clickback WEB



What makes Clickback WEB different than the competition?

We have a wide variety of differences. Some key features include the ability to purchase and move multiple leads without having to leave the software, as well as our seamless integration with Clickback MAIL.

I use a website visitor identification tool with my Marketing Automation software, how is Clickback WEB different?

Clickback WEB gives you more data with each visit, including a company’s revenue, industry and the number of potential leads available at each visiting company.

How can I try Clickback WEB?

Request to see a demo. Once the demo is complete you’ll receive a code snippet that can be used to test the software. Soon after adding the code snippet, you’ll start seeing potential leads you never knew you had.

Do I have to commit to anything before trying Clickback WEB?

No. You do not have to commit to anything upfront to try Clickback WEB. There is also no credit card required to try the product over the demo period.

Is it difficult to add the code snippet onto my website?

No. It’s as simple as copying and pasting some text and placing it in either the header or footer of your website. If you don’t feel comfortable in doing so, who ever manages your website can do this for you in a matter of seconds.

Does the code snippet need to go on each page of my website?

Just put the code snippet on the pages you want to track in Clickback WEB.

How much does Clickback WEB cost?

Visit our pricing page for more details. To use Clickback WEB you’ll need to purchase a monthly package as well as credits, which are used to purchase leads.

How do I pay for Clickback WEB?

All charges and transactions are through a valid credit card.

Does Clickback WEB integrate with other 3rd party software?

Yes. Currently we are fully integrated with Clickback MAIL, and will have a full API coming soon. In the meantime, you can still export leads into other 3rd party marketing and sales software via .csv file.

How do I integrate Clickback WEB with MAIL?

You will need to contact your account manager to get this integration enabled. Once two-way integration between Clickback WEB and MAIL is complete you can start sending nurturing emails to potential decision-makers at companies who recently visited your website. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing our system will protect you from purchasing contacts you already own.

Be sure to visit our blog for more B2B lead generation tips and best practices!

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