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Whether you want to send emails to a cold list of contacts, or want to connect with a company who has visited your website but didn’t convert, we have two powerful solutions that can help accelerate your sales or marketing B2B lead funnel growth.

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Clickback WEB

Identify Companies Visiting Your Website

Make your website a prospecting tool

We give you the names of the companies that visit your website and not just their IP addresses.

With Clickback WEB

You’ll be able to identify not only who the company is but also we can provide you with the key contacts at that company.

Turn anonymous visits into sales prospects

We provide you with the highest quality data, so you get to know who your unknown prospects are from your website.

With Clickback WEB

You’ll learn the company name, location, industries and annual revenues of the prospects. Additionally, you’ll get access to full contact records of decision makers at the prospective company that have visited your website, including their names, job titles, phone numbers and email addresses.

98% of website visitors don’t contact you

We identify key decision-makers who work at the companies that have visited your website but haven’t filled out a contact form.

With Clickback WEB

We fill your sales funnel with prospects or your marketing funnel with leads to nurture.

Know when a current prospect revisits your site

Set up daily email notifications to manage your pipeline more efficiently.

With Clickback WEB

Know which prospects or companies have come back to your website, filter and send these ‘hot’ prospects to your sales team so they can follow up with them and close.

Clickback MAIL

Send Emails. Get Leads. (It’s that simple)

Push new leads into your marketing or sales funnel

We offer an easy way to top up your pipeline, sending warmer leads to marketing to nurture and hotter ones to sales to close.

With Clickback MAIL

By combining the speed and directness of email with the potential of your existing list of cold contacts, you can quickly grow your leads.

Turn your cold contacts into warm B2B leads

We let you send emails to your existing list of cold contacts to convert them from non-opted-in contacts to warm opted-in leads.

With Clickback MAIL

Whether you have a list of cold or purchased contacts, you can use our email lead generation software to send CAN-SPAM compliant email campaigns worry-free. In fact, we manage all the risks by protecting your domains and IPs so you get optimal deliverability and open rates.

Clean your email list on import for quality results

After you import your purchased list into our system, every email address goes through a variety of health and anti-spam risk checks.

With Clickback MAIL

These hygiene checks will reveal if an email address is a spam trap or could cause issues with spam filters, significantly improving bounce rates of your email campaigns, and can help get your message to the inbox. Also, since this is all included in our software, you won't have to pay extra for a third-party.

Complement your tech stack

We complement your existing platforms in your tech stack by sending emails to your non-opted in or cold lists.

With Clickback MAIL

You can consistently fill your funnel with leads and, where applicable, integrate moving new leads into your marketing or sales software.

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