Website Visitor Tracking Software

Turn anonymous visits into sales-ready leads with Clickback WEB.


Capture more leads. Connect early. Close more deals.

Clickback WEB helps to uncover and nurture company leads who visit
your website, even if they don’t fill out a form.


Start filling your pipeline with leads in just 8 seconds

Just add a few lines of code to your website and you’re done. Soon after,
you’ll start seeing potential leads you never knew you had.

B2B Lead Generation Software Automations

Leads delivered daily to your inbox

Receive daily emails with top companies who visited your website the previous day or get notified when a company returns – with automations the options are endless.

Find new companies interested in your business

Get details about your visits other standard analytics software can’t provide, like the number of companies identified or the top returning visitors over a given period of time.

website lead generation software
website lead generation

Get to know your target customer better

Gain deep insight into the types of companies who visit your website on a daily basis including their size, industry, and revenue.

Purchase leads without leaving the software

Get instant access to a database of names, job titles and emails of key decision-makers from companies who have visited your website, provided by the most reputable and trusted data partners in North America.

website lead generation software
website lead generation software

Assign, move or export leads with zero effort

Assign, move or export multiple leads into marketing and sales tools you already use – including Clickback MAIL or CRM. You can also import existing contacts to ensure you never buy duplicate contact records.


Focus on companies that matter the most

Set up Clickback WEB to filter out the junk and only show the visiting companies who matter the most using our advanced filtering system. By default the software filters out most ISPs.

Hot opportunities to sales, warm to marketing

Set up Clickback WEB to identify marketing and sales opportunities using visit scoring criteria such as: the type of page visited, time spent on site and much more.


Increase your marketing and sales ROI

Pull tailored reports to track your marketing and sales efforts and optimize ROI.

“Using Clickback WEB increased our ROI by helping us re-target those we had driven to our site, those that did not convert. And by stats, 80% of those coming to our website are qualified, which opens the door to being more proactive in our marketing/sales efforts and increasing our control. Control for us equals income.”

Karla Jo Helms, Founder and Chief Evangelist

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Is website visitor tracking software for you?


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