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Email Lead Generation Software Solutions - The New Marketing Technology Landscape

The all new Marketing Technology Landscape email solution from Clickback, we can generate warm leads from a cold list, best marketing technology landscape solution for you.

Below is a side-by-side comparison chart of our product landscape. Please take a few minutes to review the information below to see which program is right for you. If you have questions, or would like to view a short demo, contact Clickback today.

Pro Edition

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Take your email marketing to the next level with Clickback Pro.

The Pro Edition includes:

The use of email to promote your entire product and service landscape to your permission-based contacts. Send promotions, event invitations, company news, and anything else your customers need to know!

A/B/n Multivariate Testing lets you customize messaging based on the motivations of your audience

Numerous personalization options let you make a deeper connection with your email recipients

Use Drip Marketing to automate the sending of emails at specific times for the best impact

Integrates automatically with your marketing automation, email service provider or customer relationship management software for seamless coordination with your sales team

Features Email Marketing Intelligence Technology (EMIT) – analytics that let you know what motivates your customer landscape to do business with your company

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Lead Gen Edition

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Use Clickback Lead Gen Edition is a new product in the marketing technology landscape that lets you generate leads by emailing your purchased list of contacts.

The Lead Gen Edition includes:

Email Marketing Intelligence Technology (EMIT) – track your customers' actions over multiple campaign to see what motivates your audience

Allows you to assign sales people to specific prospects and segment lists by sales rep

Integrates with Salesforce and most other CRM programs to produce a landscape of lead scoring, interest reports, and behavioral reports

Offers advanced A/B/n Multivariate Testing so you can cater your content to meet the exact needs of your audience

Personalize aspects of your campaigns and add customer-specific offers throughout the email - stand out in the landscape of your competition

Offers Drip Marketing campaigns that automates the sending of emails at scheduled intervals – can integrate with existing MA or CRM software

Email Marketing Intelligence Technology (EMIT) – analytics that can be accessed in real-time to help you understand your audience's motivational landscape

100% CAN-SPAM and CASL compliant

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Sales Channel Edition

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Manage multiple offices and sales teams, your entire sales landscape, from one account with Clickback Sales Channel.

The Sales Channel Edition includes:

Campaigns can be sent from head office or messages can be pushed down to sales offices for them to send to their individual lists

Campaigns designed by head office can appear to be from a specific branch or sales rep

Offers advanced A/B/n Multivariate Testing so you can refine the content of your email messaging and pinpoint the specific needs, wants and desires in your audience's motivational landscape audience

Personalize your salutations, messaging and calls-to-actions for more impactful emails

Offers Drip Marketing campaigns that let you automate emails to be sent at specific times for the best results

Comes with Email Marketing Intelligence Technology (EMIT) – real-time analytics to help you determine what motivates your audience

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