Email Marketing and Email Lead Generation Software Solutions

The Marketing Technology Landscape is constantly evolving and so too should your marketing strategy. At Clickback, we are always refining how one builds a solid lead generation strategy and have introduced a new category in the Marketing Technology Landscape with the world's first ELG (Email Lead Generation) software. And as a new category in the Marketing Technology Landscape we've optimized our software for businesses, providing them a key way to generate and secure more profitable leads. With our suite of business-to-business lead generation solutions, newly recognized in the Marketing Technology Landscape, we not only help you build revenue faster, but invest smarter by laying a core foundation for your business to prosper and grow in the Marketing Technology Landscape. We have designed smart, safe and integrated email communication software that will help you build a robust bottom line by turning your non permission-based (purchased) contacts into high-quality leads.

Create long-term value for your business through our suite of products that meet all your email marketing or email lead generation needs:

Clickback Lead Gen Edition

Optimized with our Email Lead Generation software - a new tool in the Marketing Technology Landscape - we help our clients get the highest deliverability and open rates by sending email campaigns to their non permission-based (purchased) email campaigns without the risk of getting banned or blocked. Connect with prospects, secure quality leads and find new customers. Trusted by many Fortune 100, 200, 300 and 500 companies we are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant, our innovative Email Lead Generation software is a new category in the Marketing Technology Landscape, so all you need to worry about is closing the sale.

Clickback PRO Edition

Everything you need to run a successful, smart email campaign that can be measured and personalized using Clickback's powerful tracking/analytical tool, Email Marketing Intelligence Technology.

Clickback Sales Channel Edition

Perfect for companies with multiple offices and sales people that want to maintain control over your brand and message while giving sales reps the freedom the reach out personally to their customers.