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Smarter Email Marketing

Build Relationships with Your Opted-In Prospects.

Make your permission-based email campaigns even more effective
with Clickback Pro.

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Smarter Email Marketing
Build Relationships with Your Opted-In Prospects.

Clickback Pro Edition

Email marketing continues to be one of the most affordable and effective ways for companies to remain top-of-mind among their clients.

And Clickback Pro Edition software gives you the tools you need to create high-impact, targeted email campaigns. Featuring Clickback's Email Marketing Intelligence Technology (EMIT), Clickback Pro Edition lets you track a multitude of analytical information so you can learn what words, designs and offerings get the best response from your audience. By tracking your audience's behavior over a number of campaigns, you can create detailed customer profiles and then develop customized messaging to appeal directly to each specific profile. With Clickback Pro Edition, you also get access to Advanced A/B/n Multivariate Testing, allowing you to test all elements of your campaign so you can be sure your messaging will inspire action in your audience.


  • Use Clickback's Email Marketing Intelligence Technology (EMIT) to gain insights into your recipients' behavior and motivators, and use this information to create detailed customer profiles
  • Use Clickback Pro Edition's Personalization feature to fill your email messages with elements that help you create a personal connection with your audience
  • Use your detailed analytics reports, developed over numerous campaigns, to create targeted and segmented lists of contacts
  • Pull keyword reports that let you know what words get the best response from your audience, so you can create more targeted messaging
  • Set triggers in your email messages to add your email recipients to an automated drip marketing campaign when they take a specific action
  • Test every aspect of your email messages with A/B/n Multivariate Testing so you can create email messages that get your recipients' attention and inspire them to take action

For a Complete Listing of Clickback Pro Edition Features, click here.

If you want to stay top-of-mind with your customers, Clickback Pro Edition is the only software you need.

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