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Make your email messages even more effective with Clickback Pro. Gather enhanced customer intelligence and optimize campaigns to be relevant and effective.

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Our strength is in our Email Marketing Intelligence Technology (EMIT) which provides real, proven intelligence compiled over multiple campaigns.  EMIT generates three types of analytics reports:

Customer Interest Performance Report

  • Assess the relevance and success of Marketing Keywords (MKW) attached to specific links tracking who engages with what products.
  • Learn which  MKW's perform the best so you can tailor your message and build sustainable results.
  • Understand which products/topics your customers are most interested in.
  • Determine what the demand is for you products.

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Business to Business (B2B) Recipient Interest Report

Improve sales with information about what keywords a specific company or individual has seen and/or clicked on in the past.  The report provides your sales team with valuable insight, helping them decide which products to consider up-selling or cross-selling during a sales call.

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Click Through Submission Report

This graphical report overlays the actual HTML message sent and shows which links were clicked on, the number of times a link was clicked, a percentage breakdown of how the link performed and which Marketing Keywords were associated with that link.

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Clickback Pro Marketing Keywords (MKW)

Marketing Keywords are at the heart of the EMIT intelligence reports. You decide which MKW best describe your products and get in-depth information about your recipients.

Keywords track your customer's interest by:
  • Product Lines
  • Product Names
  • Offering or Service
  • Subject
  • Topic
  • Type of Promotion

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Automate With Drip Marketing

Set up full email campaigns by creating a series of messages that may be automatically scheduled to send over a series of days. With drip marketing campaigns you have two options: upload a list into our software solutions and begin sending to your recipients instantly through a series of scheduled emails, or set an trigger in your email campaigns based on actions performed by a contact to add new recipients to your database. Automated drip marketing campaigns allow you to connect with prospects at the time they are looking and interested in your product or offering. This will allow you to improve close rates and connections with prospects already in your database.

Advanced A/B/n Multivariate Testing

Our A/B/n Multivariate Testing tool is one of the most advanced. It enables users to test and re-test multiple variables to optimize content and develop high performing email campaigns. You can accurately track analytics after each test goes live to determine which items tested had better success rates. Do this by testing such content as subject lines, reply email address name, body copy of email message, sending dates and times. Testing all these facets will help to improve overal content variations to drive revenue.

CRM Integration

Clickback’s software has the ability to integrate with virtually any database drive software available today. This valuable feature allows email lists to be pushed from your CRM, ERP, or accounting software and into Clickback to ensure you always have the most up-to-date contact information. Statistics from email campaigns can be pushed back into almost all third party software solutions for a full integration - We have also partnered with Salesforce to ensure easy, quick and automated integration setup of their software.

Mobile & Social

Clickback Pro gives you the ability to optimize emails for reading on mobile devices. Images and formatting are automatically converted to the correct parameters so mobile users can read the email the way you intended it to be. Social Media sharing links have been integrated into Clickback Pro so your campaigns have the capability of going viral.

Build Segmented Lists

Use the data you've gathered from Clickback Pro's extensive reporting to create relevant campaigns based on your customers proven interests and behaviors. Clickback's Segment Builder gives you the ability to send the right message at the right time to the right customers.  You'll achieve a much stronger ROI with targeted emails than simply "blasting" a generic message to everyone.

There are three ways to segment list:
  1. Interest Segmentation is based on actual interest customers have shown in MKW's from past campaigns.
  2. Market Segmentation lists can target customers based on demographics and geography.  For example, send a promotion to people who live in a particular State or Province.
  3. Behavioral Segmentation lists are generated based on past behavior.  For example, send a select promotion to people who clicked on a specific link.  Or you could improve your click through by building a list of people who did not open your email by creating a new message and resending it.