Smarter Email Marketing

Email marketing is evolving. With Clickback Pro you can move beyond blasting emails to delivering more relevant messages based on customer behavior and marketing intelligence.
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B2B Email Lead Gen Solutions

Sending email messages for the sole purpose of generating B2B leads from your non permission-based (purchased) lists is no longer a problem. Now you can send CAN-SPAM compliant email campaigns through Email Lead Generation software - worry free!
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Sales Channel Marketing

If you operate multiple sales offices, it can mean inconsistent delivery of your brand and potential duplication of lists and tasks. Now you can have one centralized source to ensure consistency of your marketing and efficiency of resources.
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Smart Partner Program

Clickback's partner program really is about partnerships. With this added service, Clickback acts as an extension of your business to help you gather better intelligence about your customers' buying patterns, so you can grow your business and build a healthier client-base.
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